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Office 365 Answers  |  Code Generator II (For Chrome)
The original generator has finally been fixed.
Find it here »

Stay on this page if your browser is CHROME!!

THE easy way to add Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics or any other code involving javascript
to your 2010 Office 365 public pages. Enter your code and the generator formats it for use in a Paypal gadget.
This is a makeshift version of the original generator which MSFT broke and seems unable to fix.

Why a Paypal gadget?
Because the html gadget rather oddly isn't designed to handle html code like javascripts.  Jean-Marc of neopartners* ingeniously discovered that the Paypal gadget could be used to add code cleanly to pages. But the PP gadget requires a little extra formatting, so we made this code generator to ease the process.

3 steps:
1/ Paste your code into the box below and hit submit
2/ Copy the contents of the "output" box
3/ Add a PAYPAL GADGET to your page - and paste.
Note: You don't need to do any of this for Paypal button code which can be embedded as is. In fact, any code with a <form> tag probably won't work using this technique.