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Slideshows in Office 365
Here are some options to workaround the dysfunctional default slideshow gadget in 2010 365 and the fact that there's no slideshow gadget at all in 2013 365.

Pictobrowser and Lytebox on Office 365

Instructions below

Get the flash player here:

Pictobbrowser grabs images from a Flickr or Picasa album so all you have to do is pick the album you want to use from either source at, copy the embed code and use our generator to format the code for a Paypal gadget. You can customize the viewer's dimensions, backgrounds and style.  

Upload the javascript and css files from 
Enter links to the files and your image links into our code generator.
Paste the output to a Paypal module.
You might need to adjust the css to compensate for Internet Explorer's inability to render code properly. It's also possible lytebox won't work at all in this complete piece of crap Microsoft calls a website builder.

Create a flash slideshow at
Use Powerpoint to create and embed a slideshow hosted at skydrive.

Simple animated gifs by unfreez 
Animated gifs comprise a group of gif images in one file, so load faster than flash or a javascript slideshow.
For a smoother transition, you can duplicate images with a gradient transparency.   
 Use same-size images to avoid unpredictable results: