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Using Chrome?
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THE easy way to add Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics or any other code involving javascript
to your 2010 Office 365 public pages. Enter your code and the generator formats it for use in a Paypal gadget.

Why a Paypal gadget?
Because the html gadget rather oddly isn't designed to handle html code like javascripts.  Jean-Marc of neopartners* ingeniously discovered that the Paypal gadget could be used to add code cleanly to pages. But the PP gadget requires a little extra formatting, so we made this code generator to ease the process.

3 steps:
1/ Paste your code into the box below and hit submit
2/ Copy the contents of the "output" box
3/ Add a PAYPAL GADGET to your page - and paste.
Notes: You don't need to do any of this for Paypal button code which can be embedded as is. In fact, any code with a <form> tag  won't work using this technique.
The Chrome browser doesn't support the resizing script used on this page so use Firefox or IE or go here ».

Office 365 2013
The Paypal gadget is no more in the new version, which has an "embed code" tool that lets you add some code though not all directly to a page. But since users can keep the 2010 sites in addition to a 2013 site, the generator might still come in handy.

If you have any questions about the code generator or would like to know how to deploy a similar
Sharepoint form on your public site, feel free to contact us  or post in our 365 Answers forum

Is this a Sharepoint/365 form?
Yes, it is. Creating forms in 365 is not as easy as it was in OLSB, but it's possible. What you need is an anonymously accessible list, Sharepoint Designer 2010 to create a form and a public page to display the form on. That page is then iframed on a public site page.
The input box above is a form view of the list filtered to show only the input field.  The output box is a list view filtered to show only the last couple of entries.  

*Code Generator Credits
Credit for the  idea of using the Paypal module to add code cleanly to a page should go to Jean-Marc of neopartners
who I believe was the first to suggest this back in 2010/11. Others have copied the idea as if it were their own - which
it wasn't. We just figured out how to use a Sharepoint list/form to create the generator, mostly to make it easier for
OLSB refugees to replicate their sites in 365.  

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