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Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along with the answers.


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A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

A: Including a FAQ page is a user-friendly way of presenting information to customers so they can quickly look it up. It also can help reduce the number of service calls and e-mails.

A: Make a list of the top 10 questions people ask you about your business, services, or products. That's a good start.

A: Break the questions into sections by subject and give each section a subhead, such as Sales, Products, or Services.

A: You don't need to include information such as your company contact information, because it's easily found on the Contact Us page. You could, however, include a question such as: What is the quickest way to contact you?

A: It's a good idea to use a different format, such as bold, for the questions, so that it is easy to distinguish them from the answers.

A: Don't know.