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Slideshow with <p> tag removed. Below example is configured exactly the same but with p tag left in. Shows how margin gets added but only when when viewed in IE

I added a border to the p tags so you can see the mysterious box that IE adds to the page for no reason!

This is proof positive this is a simple coding error that would be easy to fix. And though the information has been passed to MSFT, for some unknown reason it still hasn't been.

This is especially odd since it's only a problem in MSFT's own browser!

The Fix

Open page in "advanced mode" in Sharepoint Designer 2010

Use the "find" tool to locate "iws:slideshowcontrol"

Right before it remove the "<p style=".......> tag (See image below)

The corresponding closing tag will be highlighted-remove that too.

Save the page and that's all there is to it.









Default slideshow with <p> tag generated by software. Competent browsers like Firefox position the slideshow correctly aligned to the left (under the one above). 

In IE, it's aligned in the center.
















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